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Professional property management you can trust for single-family homes (SF) and apartments (MF).

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Eviction Rate


Avg Rental Days on Market


Types Of Owners

50% Investors
35% Accidental Landlords
15% Other

# Units/Owner

40%: 1
35%: 2-4
25%: 5+

Unit Types

70% Single Family
25% Multi-Family / Apts
5% Other


35%: $1k or less
55%: $1k - $2k
10%: $2k+

Why EquityTeam?

OuR Track Record / Reputation

It's not easy maintaining a 4+ online rating, especially when you're in the middle of the Owner / Tenant relationship. Our reviews are from real people with real experiences (not paid for) and we're very proud of the reputation we've built (locally and nationally) within the residential property management industry.

Our Team Approach

We believe successful property management requires great people and processes. We will assign a team of three uniquely-skilled professionals to each property:


  • PORTFOLIO MANAGER (Owner Advocate)
    You will ALWAYS have an experienced and professional "Portfolio Manager" (account manager) who’s dedicated to the success of your portfolio. Their #1 responsibility is to treat your property like it's their own and to advocate for your best interests.


    Since most "property managers" are not experts at property construction, maintenance, and preservation, we feel each property should have its own advocate who is an expert in property care. Every property is assigned a "Property Services Manager" who oversees all maintenance, remodeling, inspections, etc., and ensures the property is maximizing its market value and revenue potential.


  • LEASING MANAGER (Tenant Advocate)
    We believe tenants are important customers and should have their own advocate they can turn to when needed. Our "Leasing Manager" and Leasing Team act as the primary contact for our tenants from application through move-out.


Federal, state, and local Landlord-tenant laws, can be tricky to understand and comply with....and are changing faster than ever before.

Even if your property manager is an expert at the laws, it doesn't prevent mistakes or frivolous claims from happening.

The best property managers are licensed professionals that keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry and are properly insured.

EquityTeam has it all covered:

EquityTeam (ET) is a licensed real estate brokerage overseen and regulated by the state. Our Portfolio Managers are all licensed and vetted to have property management experience.

We carry insurance above and beyond what's normal:

  • Business Liability
  • Errors and Ommissions
  • Workers Comp
  • Bonded
  • and more ...

At the forefront of the industry:

  • Co-lead the largest private networking group of residential PM company broker/owners nationally with 700 active members.
  • Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
  • Regularly attend national property management conferences and participate in industry-related podcasts and seminars.


One of our core values is to utilize the best current technologies. We've been operating as a cloud-based business since we opened for business and have our finger on the pulse of all the evolving tools and technologies in and around the industry.

In 2020, we started developing our own exclusive software solution to meet our needs, and bridge the gap of software fragmentation and shortcomings we had been experiencing. This proprietary and customized software will be instrumental in helping us deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

Services & Guarantees


Our policies and guarantees are Owner-aligned, meaning whenever possible we try and align our interests with our Owners to ensure a win/win relationship.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Cancel within the first 90 days and we'll refund all management charges.

24 Hour Response Guarantee: We'll return your call or email within 24 business hours or we'll credit your account with $25


Owners who have come to us from other managers say they love how detailed and transparent our accounting is.

Owners have 24/7 access to their Owner's Portal where they can see a variety of statements, work orders, reports, and more! We also offer fast Owner payments as statements and draws are processed on or before the 10th day of each month.

Accounting Guarantee: If we make an accounting error, we'll credit you 10% of the error difference!


Successful landlording starts with finding, vetting, and renting to good tenants.

Marketing & Background Screenings

  • EquityTeam's leasing process has been modeled by other Property Manager's in the US.
  • Marketing-to-Signed Lease is typically less than 2 weeks.
  • Impactful ads placed on the industry's largest marketing syndication engine promotes your property to all of the most important listing sites online!
  • Quick, easy, and convenient showings, plus a simple application process to make it easy for tenant prospects.
  • We CONVERT leads! Robust lead management system ensures leads are followed up with quickly and they don't slip through the cracks. Reports on lead activity automatically sent to Owner.
  • NATIONAL credit, criminal and eviction background checks always performed. All Tenants are scored through our proprietary scoring system.
  • All federal and state laws are followed keeping Owner and Manager in compliance with the law.

12 Month Stay Guarantee: Tenants will stay for a minimum of 12 months or we'll prorate the next placement.

21 Day Leasing Guarantee: We'll fill sign a Lease within 21 days on the market or we'll waive management charges until we do.

Tenant Management

Our exceptional eviction rate of less than 1% per month is a testament to how well we manage Tenants and the Lease.

We handle ALL tenant communication and problems including:

  • Maintenance calls
  • Rent collection (via multiple easy payment methods)
  • Eviction and collections
  • Lease renewals
  • Disputes/issues

Disputes/issues We politely insist on strict lease enforcement. When problems arise, we rely on experience to find solutions. Eviction is the last resort. Tenants are valuable customers, and we work hard to keep good Tenants in place.

Rent Protection Guarantee: We cover missed rent payments (see terms)

Eviction Protection Guarantee: We cover eviction costs (see terms)

Property Services & Repairs


  • A historical photo archive is maintained on the property.
  • Comprehensive inspections performed at move-in and move-out help hold tenants accountable during security deposit settlements.
  • Semi-annual inspections keep Owners connected to their property, helps with preventative maintenance issues, yet doesn't interfere with tenant's rights to enjoy the property.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs are unavoidable, so getting quality work done quickly, at a good price, while maintaining tenant satisfaction is important. Whenever possible, we try and qualify tenant issues over the phone to prevent an unnecessary trip (and saving the Owner money). When work is needed, we'll coordinate the repair from start to finish.

  • 24/7 Maintenance coverage for tenants.
  • Excellent service provider network (constantly refined) to provide Owners with the best cost/quality combination.
  • Owners pay less because of our volume discounts.
  • Owners can choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as they want to be.

Pet Damage Guarantee: We'll cover pet-related damages up to $1000!

Property Protection Guarantee: We'll cover tenant damages (see terms)

Reduced Repairs Guarantee: Save 10% or more off the retail cost of the repair work or we'll credit you the difference PLUS 10% of the difference amount.

Locations & Pricing


Learn more about our property management (residential) pricing and competition in Cincinnati.

“Very reliable, responsive, transparent and professional. I simply could not ask for more. Maintenance is great, reports are thorough and on time, I have had previous experience with another management company and the difference is night and day. I have also recommended EquityTeam to many other friends and owners who are very happy with their choice to work with ET. Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.”

Ida G. 2020

“I had a property I couldn’t sell and “tried” to be a landlord. I wish I would have turned the property over to the EquityTeam years ago. They are professional, honest, and quick to answer any questions you have. It was hard for me to turn such a big investment over to someone else, but they have done a wonderful job with my property. They found me a great tenant in 7 days after listing it! The burden off of me allows me to focus on my family and I feel confident that my property is in good hands.”

Mike M. 2016

“I tried unsuccessfully renting my property from afar. I contacted 3 different prop mgrs and I NAILED IT. They have a thorough process and solid resources for repairs/remodel/touchups. My duplex needed some serious rehab and turned out far better than I thought and got a tenant for better value than I anticipated. I like details and good communication (and good tenants) – I got that with EquityTeam!”

Doug Z. 2020

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On Your Property’s Rental Potential!

24/7 Maintenance Line, WO oversight and management from our expert Property Services Managers (former inspectors and craftsmen) who advocate for the property’s best interest, ensure requested work is valid, and that any work performed is done well and at below-market pricing. Industry-leading technology allows us to communicate quickly and easily between Owners/Tenants/Managers/Vendors to make repairs in accordance with Owner’s “not-to-exceed” (NTE) amounts.

GUARANTEES (See terms)

1.   Reduced Repairs Guarantee: Save 10% or more off the retail cost of repair work or we’ll credit you the difference PLUS 10% of the difference amount!

Regular inspections help Owners stay connected to the condition of their property, reduce liability, strengthen Owner’s position in security deposit disputes, and keep maintenance costs down over the long term by catching small problems before they become major repairs.

Everything typically needed for a standard eviction in compliance with state law.

Simplify Tenant utility bill mgmt, and significantly reduce Owner’s utility liability and headaches

Bad things can happen to even the most qualified Tenants. Eliminate concerns about a Tenant damaging your property, bankruptcy, divorce, health issues, job loss, economic variables, malicious damage, theft, and more! EquityTeam’s EXCLUSIVE “Protection Plus” (PP) offers complete peace-of-mind that your investment will continue to produce income.

1.   Up to $35,000 in malicious damage

2.   Up to 12 weeks in loss of rent

3.   Up to $4,000 in eviction costs

4.   And more.

GUARANTEES (See terms)

1.   Property Protection Guarantee: We’ll cover Tenant damages

2.   Rent Protection Guarantee: We’ll cover rent payments

3.   Eviction Protection Guarantee: We’ll cover eviction costs

Identifying rent increase opportunities, and the negotiation and coordination of signing a renewal.

Our comprehensive Lease offers many exclusive benefits to the Owner and Property that are only available while the unit is under ET’s management.

GUARANTEES (See terms)

1.   Strongest Owner/Property advocating Lease the law will allow.

2.   Mandatory Tenant-paid liability coverage protects Owner up to $100k.

3.   Filter replacement program (tenant paid) to ensure HVAC systems are properly maintained.

4.   Flexible payment options electronically or at local retailers.

5.   Utility concierge and account management services keep an eye on Tenant-paid utility balances so they don’t become an Owner problem.

6.   24/7 maintenance with industry-leading technology.

Everything needed to quickly procure the most qualified Tenant for the property; from advertising to lease signing, in complete compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

GUARANTEES (See terms)

1.   12 Month Stay Guarantee: Our Tenant will stay for a minimum of 12 months or we’ll prorate the next Placement accordingly.

2.   21 Day or Less Leasing Signing Guarantee: We’ll find a Tenant for your vacancy within 21 days or we’ll credit the Management Fee until we do.

Rent Collection, Transparent Accounting, ACH Owner Draws, Dedicated Expert Property Manager Primary Point-of-Contact, Strong Tenant Management and Lease Enforcement, Owner-aligned pricing model

GUARANTEES (See terms)

1.   90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If either party wants to cancel within the first 90 days, we’ll refund ALL paid Onboarding, and Management Charges.

2.   Pet Damage Guarantee: We’ll cover pet-related damages up to $2000

3.   24 Hour Response Guarantee: We’ll return your call or email within 24 business hours, or we will credit your account $25

4.   Accounting Accuracy Guarantee: If we make an accounting error, we’ll fix it and credit you 10% of the error difference.