Meet Our Team

These are the amazing people delivering our services!

Mark T


Alex P

Director of Property Management

John W

Sr. Property Manager Cincinnati

Carissa R

Assistant PM/Special Projects Manager

Charity V

Sr. Property Manager Dayton/Cincinnati

Tom L

Property Services Manager

Ben C

Maintenance Manager

Robert P

Assistant PM

Claudia N

Assistant PM

Melanie O

PM Coordinator

Santi A

Property Services Coordinator

Jham A

Finance Coordinator

Rachelle P

Finance Specialist

Andrea C

Sales and Leasing Specialist

Ryan J

Field Technician

Our Values

These values, based on the acronym “property” are ingrained in everything we do.

People First

People and relationships drive a good service business. Whether you’re a customer, vendor, or internal team member, we want to help you thrive.

Require Quality Over Quantity

We don’t care about being the biggest; we simply want to be the best at the services we provide by focusing on quality first.

Over Deliver

We set real expectations, then work hard to exceed them.


We value experience, continuous improvement, accountability, high standards, and clear, tactful communication.

Ethical Excellence

We’re passionate about honesty, integrity, and “the Golden Rule”; and we expect the same from those we interact with.


We find clever solutions quickly.


It takes a great team to achieve great things.


We strive to consider the related ROI in everything we do.

Our Story

Learn what made us the company we are today,
and what our goals are for the future.


Started in Wholesaling

Our Founder and CEO, Mark Thompson, started his real estate career with a national wholesale acquisition company focused on finding below-market deals around Cincinnati, OH for a local investor network.


Ohio's Largest Wholesaling Company

Within a year, Mark became GM and Broker of the Cincinnati office and expanded the operations (wholesaling/acquisitions, realty, hard money lending, and title services) from Cincinnati into Dayton, Columbus and Northern Kentucky. From ’04-’08 the company sold over 1,000 deals, funded over $50mm in hard money loans, and had up to 25 associates located throughout Ohio.


Born out of the Housing Bubble

The national company Mark’s brokerage was affiliated/partnered with was struggling with challenges in other markets (mostly Florida) due to the housing bubble. It became clear they were not going to rebound, so in 2008, Mark started EquityTeam as a full-service provider of real estate investing services.


Focus on Residential Property Mgmt

We tried to avoid getting involved in property management. Who in their right mind wants these headaches? We tried to work with the 5 "best" managers in Cincinnati at the time, and even helped one management company get started, just so we didn’t have to be involved with it. However, none of them performed to even minimal standards. Since good management is critical to long-term real estate investing success, we concluded “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself”, so we started creating the property management company we wanted, and we knew the Cincinnati market needed.


A Cincinnati Market Leader

By 2015, EquityTeam became the highest-rated residential property management company in Cincinnati, and has maintained that reputation since.


Acquisition of Only Choice PM in Dayton, Ohio.

We managed a few properties in Dayton at the time, but needed a larger presence to build upon. This acquisition helped provide that foundation.


Now, and in the Future...

We’re looking to grow, through acquisition and/or partnerships, and organically in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and possibly other Ohio or Kentucky markets. If you own or manage a portfolio of properties in southwest Ohio or Northern Kentucky, contact us so we can explore potential opportunities.