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EquityTeam’s Property Tax Appeal Services will help you successfully file with the Board of Revision in the following southwestern Ohio counties:

Hamilton (Cincinnati), Butler, Warren, and Clermont

Save hundreds (or thousands) of $$$ in property taxes!  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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Property Taxes in Ohio are based on the county auditor’s opinion of “market value” of a property.  The “market value” is re-assessed every three (3) years by county appraisers. A change in “market value” means your taxes will increase or decrease accordingly.  

Owners can file a property tax appeal with the county between January 1 and March 31 each year in an effort to lower the auditor’s opinion of “market value” from the PREVIOUS YEAR.  If successful, the Owner will receive a refund from the county auditor for the previous year’s overpayment. Additionally, the taxes will REMAIN lowered until the time of the next re-assessment (every three years).  At that time, the value may fluctuate again, and the Owner may appeal, again.

OR MORE of Properties are OVERASSESSED (taxed above their actual value)
OR LESS of people who SHOULD appeal their taxes actually DO.
OR LESS of Appeals are successful without help from a knowledgable professional

Anyone can appeal their taxes at no cost, but it does require experience and effort.  Putting together a successful appeal is a time-consuming process requiring significant research, fact-finding, and an understanding of your county’s rules, regulations, and ingrained procedures about the appeal process.  

EquityTeam has a 90%+ success rate with tax appeals we file!  Our tax appeal service takes the time and complexity out of the process and is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee*


While we cannot guarantee the exact amount of your savings, we do guarantee to lower your property’s “market value” by at least 10% until the next county reassessment date (every three years), or we will give you a full refund for our services.  No refunds will be given if an Owner does not obtain a hearing date (i.e. they didn’t follow instructions and mail their paperwork in, or they do so after the deadline, etc.), or if they changed data on the appeal paperwork (i.e. asked for a lower valuation than EquityTeam’s opinion).

Cost for Service: The greater of $299 (at time of filing) or 1% of the amount of reduction (i.e. $30,000 in value reduction = $300 total; $299 paid at filing, additional $1 due to ET).

SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR CURRENT CLIENTS:  Save $50 off your tax appeal if you’re a current ET client ($249 instead of $299 at filing).

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How Does it Work?

Step 1: Expert Opinion (Free!)

You can prequalify your property yourself!  Here’s how:

  1.  Visit the property on  While we’re not the biggest fan of Zillow, it is helpful for this exercise.  Make note of the “Zestimate” when you’re on the property page.
  2. Expand the “Facts and Features” section at the top of the property page and scroll down until you see a link for “County Website”.  That link should take you to your property on the county’s site.
  3. On the county’s site, look at the “Total Market Value” or similar name.  This is the amount the auditor is basing your taxes on. 
  4. Compare the auditor’s value with the “Zestimate”.  If the Zestimate is 20k or so lower, you may want to consider having us look at it and give an expert opinion.  Other things that could help you lower taxes are:
    • If you purchased the property in the previous tax year for less than auditor’s “Total Market Value”.
    • If you spent $10,000 or more improving the property over the past tax year.

If you go through the steps above and feel your property has a chance to qualify, SUBMIT  your property for A FREE REVIEW by our experts. We will review your information and provide an expert opinion on how much we feel you could save in property taxes (if anything) and our confidence score in getting an appeal in your favor.

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Step 2: File the Appeal

Owner decides to proceed and arranges for EquityTeam to appeal their property taxes. EquityTeam will do all the research and prepare all the evidence and documents for a successful appeal.  Owner simply prints, signs, and mails documents per EquityTeam’s instructions, then waits for a hearing date (usually takes about 30-60 days to get your hearing date, which will occur sometime in the summer).

Step 3: Hearing Date and Decision

EquityTeam will have an experienced tax appeal professional attend the hearing as the Owners’ advocate.  The sole purpose of attending the hearing is to provide contextual, factual, and supporting testimony for the value sought, and to professionally rebuke the opinion of the county’s appraiser.  Once the hearing is over, the Board of Revision will either:

  • Deny the Owner’s appeal
  • Approve the Owner’s appeal for the value sought
  • Arrive at a value between the county’s original value and the value being sought by the Owner.

EquityTeam will inform the Owner of the outcome promptly after the hearing.

Step 4:  Post Decision

The Owner will receive certified mail about the decision.  If the Owner was successful, the county will issue a refund via check or credit on taxes owed.  The processing usually takes at least 45- 60 days from the hearing date. The new lower value will stay in place until the county does another reassessment county-wide (every 3 years).  

If the Owner is due a refund on their appeal, based on EquityTeam’s Money Back Guarantee, the refund will be processed within a week of being notified of the denial.


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