Insurance on Rental Property

Rental Property Insurance for Landlords

Getting the right rental property insurance is crucial to protect your asset.  This should be done IMMEDIATELY after acquiring your rental property and your policies should be reviewed yearly.  Don’t “step on a dime to pick up a nickel” here!  Find the right combination of cost and coverage from an insurance carrier you can trust!

REI Guard writes policies with the real estate investor in mind.  Some of the features their rental property insurance polices offer are:

  • No underwriting or driveby’s
  • Monthly billing
  • Same day proof of insurance
  • Easy claims processing
  • And more…
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REI Guard is a national leader in Rental Property Insurance

EquityTeam has teamed up with the REI Guard to provide custom, comprehensive, cost-effective property and casualty rental property insurance on non-owner occupied properties for landlords.

They specialize in products that protect your investments in the most appropriate and cost effective way, such as insurance protection for 1 – 6 family dwellings, rehabs, office space and retail centers. They can even insure vacant property, which is typically difficult to underwrite for landlords.

REI Guard was built to specifically address the unique rental property insurance needs of landlords and the real estate investor. They are investors themselves, so they understand non-owner occupied insurance challenges. They strive to be accessible and efficient. They realize insurance is a vital part of your investing business and should not be detrimental to it.

Beware of This Risky Misconception

Many investors think their regular home/auto (property and casualty) insurance company (All-State, State Farm, Nationwide, etc) will be fine insuring their property.  The truth is the coverage on their rental property insurance for non-owner occupied properties could be VERY limiting, may require regular inspections which are very inconvenient to deal with, or have other draw backs that aren’t really noticeable until you compare to an REI Guard policy.

We’ve referred clients with confidence to REI Guard for years with no complaints.  Most of the time their premiums are lower than anyone else.  Sometimes they are higher, but the coverage is exceptionally better.  A couple bucks per month in premium is well worth substantial differences in coverage!